Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Our Home for Christmas 2014

As soon as November holidays end, my mom knows it's time to bring out our Christmas decorations and unleash her inner interior decorator self. Like many Filipino families, we like to start Christmas early because who doesn't like to prolong the most wonderful time of the year?!

Decorating the house this year was more special to me because I'm currently studying interior design, and now I appreciate the little things and details that turn a house into a good home even more.

I never really got to appreciate this part of the house until I studied Ergonometrics (space planning) this term. I love the abundance of light that comes through our huge living room window, which makes the area airy and look more spacious than it actually is.

There's always something about filling up shelves with mismatched items :) This is actually our cupboard under the stairs where we hide the boy who lived store most of our home decorations.

I'm not a stuffed toys gal but I find these things funny and amusing (they sing and dance when you press that white button!), especially when I'm in a need of a quick laugh/pick-me-up before I head upstairs. I know, I'm shallow like that.

My mom's on point ceramics game. Even before she likes to buy these pretty ceramic plates and use them as living room decorations. She always gets these in Duty Free or Rustan's.

One of the wreaths hanging around the house

When I was little, I hated spending time in our own house because I thought it was too quiet and clean for me. I spent most of my childhood in my lola's house where it's almost always noisy, messy, and filled with rowdy children like me, so you can imagine the adjustment that I had to go through and the boredom I felt whenever I stayed at this home (don't even mention Holy Week!). But when I entered college and maturity started to kick in, I suddenly became introverted; now I find so much pleasure in being alone or just simply being with people I could think out loud in front of (mi familia). Now I think I can get through a month without going out of the housejust give me my family and a month's worth of food supplies. And a high-speed internet for my weekly dose of The Walking Dead. :P

On another note, this is also why I'm taking up interior design. I love that this career will allow me to transform spaces and improve lives... and make people actually enjoy staying at home.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dailies #1: Plates and Literal Plates

Dailies is just a term I made up to make me blog more. It's like the Things That Make Me Happy thing I did a year ago, but this time, it's going to feature some of the daily things that make me happy or sad, or the things I love and hate. I figured that photos accompanied with short paragraphs would be an easier task and would encourage me to update this blog more than I used to.

1. Pretty plates + drinking cups from Dapitan Arcade. My new found love! It's a great place to score unique home decors (if your peg is Hollywood Regency, Moroccan, or just plain ol' shabby chic) and some wooden and ceramic tableware. Almost all items are factory overruns that's why you can buy those Ball mason jars and branded ceramics for a very cheap price. You can get 5 different items for just P300, and I think you can get even lower than that! (I'm not a good haggler, so..) I got so excited on my first visit so I really had to come back for more the week after. On my second visit, I bought more mason jars and those pretty pasta plates you see in Cafe Mary Grace. I love food and presenting them nicely, so this silly excitement isn't surprising at all.

I had to use them immediately for my family's Sunday breakfast, of course!

2. Kapeng Barako | Drip Coffee. I'm gonna be honest: I really like my coffee sweet and creamy (no shame in my game), but on weekdays I try to make healthy food choices, and this is one of the many ways I do it: iced black coffee without the extras. I prefer kapeng barako because it's not too strong and bitter for my taste buds, contrary to what other people say about it.

3. The usual weekday breakfast. A few months ago, I started drinking green smoothies for breakfast in an effort to increase my greens intake. I think it's working because I don't get sick anymore despite being exposed to colds and fever prone environments for the previous months.

I use native pechay leaves for the greens with 1 banana and 1 mango or apple. :)

4. Meeting up with my best friend from college after almost 3 months was a good start to September! It's amazing how we instantly clicked even after having no interaction for the last 3 months. So happy to hear her progress in all aspects of her life :)

5. Finished 3 plans in 2 nights! Another one of those it-seems-impossible-until-it's-done moments.. Experienced back and hand pains along the way, but it sure does feel amazing when I got to cross these items off my long to-do list for this term.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Switch

Finally updating this little online space of mine in an effort to do more creative exercises aside from the ones I do in interior design school and on Instagram (thinking up of witty captions is a mind workout, okay? Haha!). I figured, why stop there? I left the advertising industry for this, so I might as well make the most of it. As some of you may know (if we're FB and Instagram friends), I quit my corporate job 6 months ago to study interior design. To some, this switch might seem like a typical stupid millennial decision, but I figured that going to the design field will be more practical and fulfilling to me. Practical because designing is what my dad does for a living, and it would be such a waste if I didn't even try to help his (or our) business grow further. Fulfilling because I live for beautiful things and designing has always been part of my life, so to do this for a living would be such a great opportunity, and luckily it presented itself to me 6 months ago. Hence, the "switch." Don't get me wrong, the advertising industry is a great world to grow in, but it just wasn't for me.

This is where I'm taking up my interior design course. My dad also studied here in the early 90's :)

One of the first plates I did for Color Theory class. Sorry for the distorted floor–I didn't know how to do proper perspective yet that time!

Improving my proportions one plate at a time

The first of the many dressed-up perspectives I'll be doing for the next months.. or years!

Enjoying life in PSID more because of this bunch! Months before I entered PSID, #FragileFridays seemed to happen almost every week and those tear-inducing laughs became a rare thing. But when I met these people, my jolly positive self was resurrected!

Currently I've been busying myself with all things interior and a bit of architecture, from doing floor plans and perspectives, drawing furniture pieces, to studying history of art and architecture. Even if I only get 2 hours of sleep to finish one plate (we call our homework, "plate") on some nights.. I still believe I made the right decision.

Here's to more sleepless nights doing the things that we love!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Madrid 2013

Finally got the guts to share a photo-filled throwback of my family's trip to Spain last December. Taking up History of Arts and Architecture this term (Yes, I'm studying Interior Design now! More of this in a separate post :)) just made me realize that a trip as fun as this, shouldn't just be stuck in my mind and my 256GB laptop. I did share a quick video here of the places we visited, but I think Spain is worth more than that!

The reason why this trip became so significant to me was because it was the first time we planned and did everything on our own; from buying our plane and train tickets to booking hotels and day trips. Coming from the quite-disaster that was our first Eurotrip, we realized that we're better off on our own, and we could explore the place so much more at our own pace.

As expected, it took a lot of researching, squealing and hand-sweating before we made the trip official, but I think it was one of the highlights of this Spain trip because it was another liberating moment for my brother and I. Haha! It was also our first time to spend Christmas and New Year outside Philippines, so that says something. :)

We flew via KLM airlines because sayang ang #FlyingBlue miles, but if we have more disposable income like a billionaire, I'd love to experience Emirates' first class with my family. But for now we'll settle for a Dutch airline; I wouldn't mind seeing vast gardens of colorful tulips before every landing and laying over in Schipol!

We arrived to a gloomy, rainy Madrid. Not really a welcoming sight to others, but I didn't mind because the rain never bothered me anyway. Kinda explains why I find happiness in sadness.

An almost-empy Plaza Mayor because it was Christmas eve!

Calle Atocha, the street where our hotel is located. We stayed in Catalonia Puerta del Sol and it's just a 5-minute walk to and from Puerta del Sol and a 7-minute walk to Mercado de San Miguel. What I love about this hotel is the location (it has a convenience store and a hip bakery in front of it!!!) and the cleanliness of the rooms, most especially the bathroom. I'm a little germ-phobic and I appreciate it when hotel bathrooms are almost spotless-clean (no black spots on the tile grouts!). 

Noche buena at Mercado de San Miguel. It's similar to Mercato in BGC but this is definitely more original. Haha! 

The morning of Christmas Day in Puerto del Sol. It was the day we found out that the Spanish aren't such morning people...

We were just aimlessly roaming around the area that morning when we accidentally found Chocolateria San Gines. They said they do the best churros in Madrid.

Cholesterol sticks done right! If diseases didn't exist, I could have this everyday for the rest of my life.

I could still remember that sugar-filled (second) breakfast...

Rode the Hop On-Hop Off bus on our second day

A very convenient way for tourists to get around and learn more about the city. I wish we did this during our trip to London too!

Because we're in Spain, we decided that meriendas shouldn't be missed at all!

And Mr. Sun finally decided to come out

Mercado de San Miguel in the afternoon

This was when I realized that Madrid is so much beautiful with blue skies and sunlight!

Puerta del Sol on Christmas night. Funny how this was empty that morning and then it was filled with crowds at night!

Getting cozy with my parents! Although we haven't experienced winter in other European countries, I think Spain's winter is one of the most bearable, or yet, the most. You can get a good 30-minute stay/walk outside before you get that scary freezing-finger feeling! You still need to wear winter gloves though.

On our third day, we went to Parque del Retiro --> Palacio de Cristal --> Rizal's Monument --> Temple Debod --> Sabatini Gardens --> Palacio Real de Madrid --> Plaza de Isabel

Inside the Palacio de Cristal. We arrived around 9AM so we were one of the first visitors that day, hence, the emptiness of the place.

Parque del Retiro y Palacio de Cristal

Met up with Rizal in Madrid!

Temple Debod

I can still remember that my phone decided to stop working right after I took this photo. Maybe it got too cold??

Good thing it worked again upon encountering this in Plaza Isabel. I loved the hot chocolate that came with it!

On our 4th day, we had a full-day trip to Avila and Segovia. More of that in a separate post :)

This was where we stayed for 5 days! I love Catalonia hotels! :)

And then on our last day in Madrid, we had breakfast at the churreria just beside our hotel. This is just one of the many reasons why I think I belong here. Carbs for breakfast just seem so right.

Our first time to ride the Eurail!

My view on the way to Barcelona!